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Developer Uses AI To Build Beat Saber Clone – Just Using Prompts!

You really can Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V your way to game development with GPT-4 artificial intelligence

A YouTuber and developer who goes by the name of Valem developed a Beat Saber clone by simply copying and pasting GPT-4 LLM-generated code.

At first, Valem received a helpful summary in a numbered list from the chatbot without any specific code. However, upon requesting a step-by-step guide, practical information emerged, including instructions on setting up XR in Unity and creating a VR player.

Following that, ChatGPT then described the process for creating an environment resembling Beat Saber, which involved constructing Unity shaders using nodes. This next step was a bit difficult to understand, so the YouTuber requested a text representation that shows the connections.

It didn’t take the chatbot long to provide a visual guide with lines and symbols, leaving Valem very impressed. And although OpenAI‘s ChatGPT is a text-based AI, the chatbot can seemingly think visually. It proved this by providing coordinates to construct 3D models. Valem did pay the $20 subscription fee to access GPT-4 and used Quest 2 for the test.

Chris Keller, co-founder of Dimension X commented in a LinkedIn post, “AI is taking things to a whole new level. The resulting game is amazing, and what’s even more surprising is how the AI learned from video tutorials to recreate complex effects.”

While some were left baffled, others believe the AI is still not perfect. “Wait for a bug to happen… it would be interesting if chatgpt aids debugging the issue. If it does then yes we are done,” wrote a software engineer named Hades Meza Salazar.

Just how good is GPT-4?

Valem tasked the AI with creating a specific shape that resembles a frozen vortex of frames. And although the chatbot’s initial code didn’t produce an exact match, it promptly corrected the mistake upon being notified. Interestingly, Valem attested that the AI’s spinning version was actually superior and went with that instead.

When faced with the task of slicing cubes, GPT-4 initially deemed it too complex for a single response. However, with further encouragement, it made an attempt but provided a flawed script. Soon after, the AI code assistant suggested seeking help from GitHub, where a human developer had shared a working solution to the problem.

Creating cubes in a pattern that generates a challenging yet enjoyable Beat Saber level proved to be even more intricate. ChatGPT sought assistance from Valem and other developer resources to successfully construct a game with a similar experience.

As per the self-imposed rules of the test, Valem refrained from writing any code, while GPT-4 benefited from the guidance of a VR developer and code sourced from GitHub.

This shows that although a pretty advanced AI chatbot like GPT-4 can be a valuable assistant for game development, it’s not yet advanced enough to replace programmers completely.

We thoroughly recommended watching the above video in its entirety for a quick and enjoyable insight into how AI could be about to change the way that games are made forever.

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