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New AR Laptop, Spacetop Enters Early Access

Sightful has raised $61 million from global funding for its augmented reality hardware

Human computer interaction (HIC) company Sightful has unveiled Spacetop, an Augmented Reality (AR) laptop that has been in development for almost three years.

Engineered by a team of over 60 skilled spatial computing specialists, including professionals with prior experience at Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap, Spacetop aims to represent the next generation in personal computing and one of the first application of AR that can be integrated into a user’s everyday routine.

Through the utilisation of custom hardware and a distinctive spatial environment, Spacetop leverages the power of AR to eliminate the limitations of regular laptops. Spacetop is also aimed at empowering users to access an expansive and personalised virtual workspace that transcends physical boundaries.

Tamir Berliner, CEO and co-founder of Sightful said, “Two worlds sit at a crossroads: Laptops are the centrepiece of our daily working lives, but the technology has not evolved with the modern, work from anywhere, privacy matters, ‘road warrior’ mentality. We are at the perfect moment for a significant paradigm shift in a device we all know and love, and Spacetop Early Access is the first step in that journey.”

Leveraging AR technology

Built specifically for the ‘work from anywhere’ trend, Spacetop maximises the potential of AR to convert the user’s surroundings into a portable home office. Boasting a virtual canvas spanning over 100 inches, Spacetop empowers users to fashion their ideal working environment – one that is tidy, well-organised, and tailored to enhance their concentration and optimise productivity.

Free from the limitations of standard 13″ to 16″ screens, Spacetop offers a different level of focus and allows users to keep their essential applications readily visible and accessible at all times, seamlessly overlaying them in the real-world environment, all while remaining fully present in the physical world.

Sightful has so far garnered $61 million USD in funding from global investors including Aleph, Corner Ventures and more.

The Spacetop Early Access program is now open with 1000 early adopters invited to join and those interested in being the first to receive their Spacetop can apply from the official website.

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