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Bytes Aims To Redefine Gaming Ad Production With Generative AI

Chief creative officer says, ‘It’s time for the industry to evolve, and leverage the advancements in Generative Al’

Generative Al video platform is to launch its new technology to allow mobile game publishers to create video ads using generative AI.

By using generative AI, the new platform is aiming to revolutionise the world of video ad production as well as ad analytics. Once a user inputs their preferred ad parameter, the platform’s AI algorithms will take care of the rest by generating ads in minutes. co-founder and CEO Athar Zia commented, “ is a Generative Al Video Platform, leveraging millions of dollars of creative testing data within the Gaming vertical to unlock the DNA of a winning ad. This allows us to build data-driven, high-performing ads in a matter of minutes, empowering businesses to take their advertising efforts to the next level.”

The CEO went on to add that the new generative AI platform is ready to change the way businesses approach their marketing strategies. With advancements in Generative Al technology, the founders were able to take the creative blueprint they had developed and are now producing ads in minutes.

“It’s time for the industry to evolve, and leverage the advancements in Generative Al to produce data-driven ads that are measurable and deliver scaled performance.”

Safeguarding the future of gaming

William Hughes, chief creative officer at said, “User-Acquisition managers and creative teams are under pressure to deliver high-performing campaigns with limited resources. However, every decision is based on human interpretation of performance data, competitor and market analysis and production limitations leading to low performance. Generative AI replaces human bias and outdated production methods allowing studios to reduce overhead, increase production volume, and improve performance, giving creatives more time to be creative.”

The team behind are hoping to safeguard the future of gaming advertising by empowering user acquisition managers with the right tools that’ll allow them to generate creative ads faster without any creative production skills. will also roll out new features that’ll allow advertisers to reduce the cost and time needed to produce user-generated content, allowing businesses to tap into the power of user-generated content to drive growth and engagement.

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