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Translucia Launches Metaverse Convergence Through Its Lightlink Protocol

CEO Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp says, ‘We aim to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the world.’

MQDC and T&B Media Global’s Translucia Metaverse aims to bring Thailand’s most eminent real estate and entertainment conglomerates together. It has now launched a Multiverse Convergence solution through its proprietary LightLink Protocol.

Lightlink is an enterprise Layer-2 blockchain that’s built to accelerate the entry of traditional businesses into Web3 by offering an easily accessible solution to multiple third-party metaverses.

Dr Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp, CEO and founder of T&B Media Global and Founder of Translucia said, “Translucia was founded with the vision to empower people who aspire to be happy. Through our ‘Metaverse Built for Good’, we aim to balance the social, economic and environmental needs of the world.”

Multiverse Convergence

Translucia aims to be at the forefront of materialising the metaverse by building critical infrastructure that will integrate third-party metaverse projects to enable interoperability and allow for multiverse convergence within popular Layer-1 blockchains.

Athid Nanthawaroon, executive director of Translucia said, “Translucia is the metaverse accelerator that the world needs as we move towards a new Internet era. The present metaverse remains both abstract and fragmented; inaccessible to most legacy businesses let alone the average user.”

“Translucia will integrate various Web3 ecosystems into a single ‘multiverse’ that helps metaverse players unify their technologies, workflow, and user experience within one standardised platform. This collaborative intra-industry approach will not only accelerate humanity’s transition into hybrid reality, but create a more accessible and inclusive Web3 for everyone,” said Nanthawaroon.

New avenues in nascent spaces

Metaverses that are built and owned by different players can use Lightlink to connect with each other and integrate functionalities. The company believes this will open up new avenues for trade, commerce and collaboration between metaverse owners, furthering opportunities for innovation across the nascent space.

The LightLink protocol is anchored on Ethereum, leveraging its security features while ensuring predictability and stability in gas fees. Through enterprise mode, LightLink enables users to interact with blockchains and ensure predictability in payment without compromising speed and safety.

Translucia will continue to advance with various global partnerships with other enterprises including Animoca Brands, Tonomus, Impact District, and Band Protocol.

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