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ChatGPT Makes Its Way to Smartwatches As ChatGenius

The Amazfit fitness brand could pave the way for more generative AI to be integrated into wearables

Ever since AI company OpenAI launched its ChatGPT language model, AI has become one of the biggest topics in the tech industry and is now being utilised in more gadgets including smartwatches.

Fitness brand Amazfit has announced its plans to add ChatGPT to its GTR4 smartwatch after showcasing a demo version of what the generative AI can help users achieve once integrated.

In the demo version, we can see that Amazfit’s AI is listed as ChatGenius in the GTR4 menu which users can use to increase productivity and stay connected by asking it a series of questions such as “how do I improve my running performance” or “how to improve my sleep quality?”

For productivity and staying connected

When asked how to improve in just about anything, you’ll see ‘Thinking’ below the watch screen, after which ChatGenius will give an appropriate response to the question asked. Users can simply tap the screen to erase previous responses and ask the AI a new question.

For now, it’s looking like ChatGenius is primarily made to respond to basic productivity questions such as telling you how many steps you’ve had in a day or telling you your heart rate. However, the fitness brand is yet to make a lot known on how it plans to utilise ChatGPT on the Amazfit GTR4 other than responding to productivity questions.

Some reports have also claimed that users can ask generic questions such as traffic or ask the AI to give an update on the weather like other smartwatches. Also, Amazfit is yet to announce the list of its devices that’ll support ChatGPT Integration. A short note below the video simply states that “function availability depends on your location and watch model”.

More AI smartwatches to come?

There are lots of impressive smartwatches out there from some of the world’s biggest tech giants such as Apple and Samsung. However, Amazfit is seemingly the first brand to bring first-party support for generative AI to smartwatches.

Apple’s version of ChatGPT is a third-party app known as watchGPT and works very similar to ChatGenius by allowing users to ask a question in turn it’ll generate a short paragraph response but will cost you $3.99 to purchase the app, while Amazfit’s ChatGenius is a free-to-use feature.

The fitness brand will reveal more about its generative AI feature in the coming weeks and with the rise of AI and especially ChatGPT, it won’t be long before other smartwatch brands like Apple and Samsung make moves to integrate generative AI on their flagship smartwatches.

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