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Kratos Actor Christopher Judge Speaks On His Win At The DICE Awards

Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök dominated the awards event and we got the chance to speak with Kratos himself

DICE Awards 2023

The 26th annual DICE Awards took place on February 23, with God Of War Ragnarök leading the night with seven huge wins.

One of those wins came from the Outstanding Achievement in Character category, where performance and voice capture actor Christopher Judge walked away as the winner for his portrayal of Kratos. We got to speak with the God of War at this year’s DICE awards.

Ragnarök was the highly anticipated video game sequel to 2018’s God of War and saw a bigger launch than titles such as Elden Ring and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. To date, the game has officially sold 11 million copies.

Speaking with the God of War

When asked if he could play any other role besides that of Kratos in the game, Judge commented, “Oh man, that’s a tough one. You know who I mimic the most is Brok. He’s just so unfiltered, he just says whatever he wants. Robert [Broks voice actor] has such a great time playing him and in Ragnarök we get to see this other side of him. He plays it so wonderfully.”

Judge also spoke about winning the award and how he wished he could have the opportunity to thank everyone. This time, the actor’s speech was closer to five minutes as opposed to his record-breaking 7 minutes 59 speech at the Game Awards. Something the actor poked fun at this time around.

However, Judge stated he wished to thank the fans, “I should have shouted out the fans. They really do look at the credits and see who gave so much of themselves for their happiness, the fan happiness.”

The gaming community

Judge also took the time to speak on the gaming community and how fans often collide, but it seems the God of War in life more about peace saying, “it doesn’t matter what you’re a fan of, there’s more that you have in common with each other than separates you. If you love games, it doesn’t matter which platform or which publisher. Why not make this gaming space a safe space for gamers. Let people be entitled to their opinions, not that you have to support them, but you also don’t have to call them every name in the book. Let’s make this place safe.”

God of War was able to walk away with wins for outstanding achievement in animation, art direction, character, original music, audio design, story and adventure game of the year. The title missed out on the Game of the Year award, losing out to Elden Ring, which also won numerous awards on the night.

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