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MultiversX Labs Launches New Web3 Super App

The new xPortal app intends to be a super app that reimagines digital finance, Web3, and the metaverse

Technology company MultiversX Labs is launching the xPortal Super App to advance digital finance’s evolution and the metaverse. The app intends to offer a new perspective on how we experience the digital world.

The xPortal Super App claims to offer the first suite of features designed to seamlessly integrate digital finance, money, and crypto, with social features such as end-to-end encrypted messaging and AI avatars. In addition, it also grants users a portal for Web3 apps and metaverse experiences.

Users are expected to be able to easily send and receive money, crypto, NFTs and make payments using debit cards with just a few simple taps of the screen. This aims to allow users to explore the financial, crypto and NFTs ecosystems easily. Through xPortal, users can also personalise and unlock new experiences by creating AI avatars and enabling interactions and messaging with friends in a secure and private environment.

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MultiversX Labs CEO, Beniamin Mincu stated, “The xPortal Super App is an instrumental step on our mission to build the backbone for a new digital financial system that spans across the physical and the metaverse world. Our ambition is that everyone, no matter where they are or what their background is, should have easy access to secure and efficient financial services that can help them achieve their goals and live their best lives. All this becomes available today.” 

The xPortal Super App intends to be a gateway to various apps and metaverse experiences. We are currently seeing more investments into Web3, and as the space continues to grow, users will be looking for more ways to navigate these digital worlds. 

MultiversX Labs head of product, Sergiu Biris said “xPortal’s ability to make Web3 and the Metaverse accessible to any smartphone user in the world shifts the entire conversation around all-accessible digital experiences from a distant vision of the future into a reality today.”

xPortal is built on top of its first iteration, which generated over 1.1 million users in just over a year. The team’s mission is to see it onboard 1 billion users to a new set of fun and valuable services across Web3.

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