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The European Guild Is Looking To Regulate Artificial Intelligence

With ever-growing advancements in AI the EGAIR is looking to add new members to its ranks to explore new rules and regulations

The European Guild for Artificial Intelligence Regulation (EGAIR) is looking for professionals to join its ranks, with at least one spokesperson representing each EU country.

The EGAIR is a professional group of people from the creative field, associations and companies for a European regulation of AI companies. Advances in artificial intelligence have sparked huge conversations so far this year. The likes of OpenAI‘s DALL-E and ChatGPT capabilities have created somewhat of an AI race among big-name brands.

Giant companies such as Microsoft are fully committing to AI with various instances of incorporating AI tools into its ecosystem, and Google parent company Alphabet is looking to do the same. However, the wider use of AI tools does raise concerns for some. Creatives industries such as art are concerned about how these tools can be used and even education systems are looking at banning the use of tools such as ChatGPT.

AI regulation

In light of these concerns, the EGAIR is united in bringing public attention to how data and intellectual properties can be exploited, without consent. These worries have seen the group reach out to European Institutions to have their voices heard. Last year we saw text-to-image AI tools take off and as with all groundbreaking technologies, there is a level of regulation that comes to ensure that no harm or infringements of human rights are committed.

AI technology is still working in somewhat of a grey area as new advances are discovered. While these artificial intelligence tools can be extremely useful, they have to be trained on a dataset of media. This raises concerns that original work could be taken by AI and incorporated elsewhere without permission. Some have already tried to put measures in place to help with these issues, such as ArtStation where users can now opt out of having their artwork used in AI research.

EGAIR mission

EGAIR is hoping to spread the message that some of these AI tools are using copyrighted images or could even have access to private pictures and other sensitive data. Since the systems scan the internet to gather data, user files could be collected without consent. The group is looking to enforce rules and regulations that would limit what data AI can learn from and using people’s personal details such as names should be prohibited.

The group is currently seeking more members to join its ranks, with a representative for each EU country needed. These spokespeople will be put in touch with politicians and act as EGAIR’s representatives for their country and community.

Those interested in helping the EGAIR with its mission can fill in a form to explore the possibilities of being a spokesperson. The group is also looking for donations to fund its campaign, it has currently raised €31,109 with expectations that its work will go on for at least two years.

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