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Creo Engine Kicks-off its CreoPlay Service with a collection of web3 Games

“Interoperability will allow NFTs to have viability across different games”

Creo Engine, a one-size-fits-all gaming platform for web3 applications and services, is an Indonesian project that’s set to change the game when it comes to web3 gaming.

Launched in October 2022, CreoPlay is a service that comes with an innovative interoperability feature that allows users to connect games and share assets.

Players can experience an immersive gaming experience as well as the ability to share and trade assets with other players. This works across different titles as the platform continues to grow, and it aims to become one of the world’s most exciting projects in the blockchain gaming space.

Darrel Wijaya, CTO and co-founder of the company Creo Engine commented, “Interoperability will allow NFTs to have viability across different games. In addition, we believe collaborative actions between developers would allow their NFTs and communities to find more value and establish healthy ecosystems in the gaming metaverse.”

Not just a platform

However, the company isn’t merely a platform provider after making the transition to being a game developer in its own right. The company’s in-house game studio is named Nomina Games and released its first title called Evermore Knights. The game is a role-playing game that’s currently in early access.

One of the game’s most unique features is that combines the traditional gameplay of Web2 games with earning mechanics of Web3. Players can also enjoy PVP arenas that let them go head-to-head with other players in the game’s leaderboards, making the experience challenging and competitive.

Ever since it launched in early access, Evermore Knights has so far garnered more than 50,000 players in less than a month. Also, in-game assets like characters and weapons can be NFTs or non-NFTs, so players can purchase NFT versions of certain items from CreoPlay and Bybit NFT platforms or simply use their in-game currency to “summon” the normal version.

And once the feature becomes available, players will be able to turn their non-NFT in-game assets into actual NFTs. The company plans to launch three more titles along the road including Slime Haven, Peony Ranch, and Merchant Marvels, each offering unique gameplay experiences that will soon be available on the CreoPlay platform.

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