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PUBG Mobile Launches New Record Label

Players will be able to enjoy the game “with epic songs to heighten their PUBG Mobile experience”

PUBG Mobile continues to make rounds as one of the most popular battle royale games ever released on the handheld platform. Players usually get new additions of weapons, maps, and even cosmetics via in-game updates.

This time, however, the developers are bringing a whole music label that’s exclusive to PUBG Mobile called “Beat Drop.” And although it’s a clever move from the acclaimed battle royale game, it’s still unknown how this will alter the gameplay experience for artists and players.

According to The Verge, the game’s press team said in an email, “The new PUBG Mobile music label aims to shine a spotlight on amazing up-and-coming artists across the world, produce industry-defining tracks with established icons, and provide players with epic songs to heighten their PUBG Mobile experience.”

As behemoth live service games are increasingly utilizing in-game music to encourage players to spend more time in games, PUBG Mobile is looking to take the lead in that aspect after hosting its first virtual concert late last year with Blackpink, a K-pop girl music group.

Fortnite has also previously held in-game shows which featured famous artists like Ariana Grande and Marshmello. Roblox also hosted its own concerts where it featured various artists such as Lil Nas X and Royal Blood.

PUBG Mobile’s email also noted that the label’s Beat Drop name “evokes sensations of the heart-pumping climax of an EDM song,” which could mean that the label’s music may become EDM.

After surpassing 1 billion downloads in early 2021, PUBG Mobile has become one of the biggest hits on the handheld platform and this move from its developers could see other battle royale games launch record labels of their own if it ends up becoming a big success for PUBG Mobile.

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