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LG Electronics Submits Trademark Application for ’PETAVERSE’ 

Yup. After taking over Animal Crossing now LG are putting pets in the metaverse

LG Electronics has revealed its plans to launch a virtual companion animal business in the US. The behemoth electronics company has also applied to trademark a range of items related to the aforesaid line in the US. 

The company went on to submit an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to trademark “PETAVERSE.” 

The South Korean electronics company indicated in its trademark application that PETAVERSE is a software platform that will offer a unique user experience with companion animals in a VR setting or the metaverse. The new series of patents is furthering of the work and world they’ve already created in hit game Animal Crossing, which combines the world and characters of Animal Crossing with the real-world hardware and benefits to be enjoyed via LG products.

Virtual worlds – real electronic goods

Business Korea reported that via PETAVERSE, users will be able to interact and communicate with themselves through virtual communities that’ll be built by the company as the idea is to raise virtual companion animals in a virtual space that looks like the real world.

The company stated in a press release, “LG Home Island in Animal Crossing the Horizon features three themed zones where players can explore the company’s state-of-the-art appliances and engage in fun missions. In the Cleaning Maze Clothing Care Zone, fans will see LG’s washing machine, dryer and Styler wardrobe management system while guiding their avatar through the maze course challenge.”

Users in the virtual world can play games together or even watch videos of companion animals. These users can also give themselves advice or tips on how to raise their virtual companion animals. 

Data from Korea Intellectual Property Office indicates that LG Electronics is currently ranked third in terms of metaverse-related patent applications from 2012 to 2021 and has filed 66 trademark applications so far. 

PETAVERSE aims to bring pets to the metaverse and allow users to raise and care for their virtual pet companions in a virtual world. 

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