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Gears of War is coming to Netflix

Netflix is committing further to the adaption of video games on its platform with its latest announcement

Marking the 16th anniversary of Gears of War comes news of a Netflix partnership with The Coalition to adapt the Gears of War universe to live action by creating not one but two additions to the franchise.

Firstly, the video game saga will be adapted into a live-action feature film. Rumours of a Gears of War movie have been floating around for years, with actor and WWE star Dave Bautista being a massive advocate for a movie adaption of the games. The actor has had his eyes set on playing one of the game’s main protagonists Marcus Fenix for some time but those efforts have so far gone unrewarded — although he did manage to make it into Gears 5 multiplayer and eventually as an alternate skin to Marcus Fenix in the campaign — however, it’s unclear if Netflix has any tie in with these previous attempts at getting a Gears movie off the ground.

While the announcement failed to share any further details on the upcoming movie, fans were treated to a second wave of news that an adult-aimed animated series will also go into production and Netflix teased that there is “potential for more stories to follow”.

Lancers at the ready

Once again no further details were given regarding the series, although, Netflix branding the animated series as ‘adult’ would imply that fans can expect a series that is in fitting with the world of Gears and the high-octane action it usually brings. For now, fans have confirmation that a Gears movie is finally happening, with more information likely to surface next year.

Netflix is no stranger to adapting video games to movies and TV series. The animated Castlevania series ran for four seasons, with a spin-off show also being announced. A live-action adaption of The Witcher is currently approaching its third season, which also has a spin-off show releasing in December. There are over another 20 titles on Netflix, ranging from movies to animated series that are all based upon video game titles and the release of two Gears titles will further see the expansion of Netflix’s game adaptations.

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