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3D Model Pros Anything World Raises $7.5 Million For New Animation System

Claimed to be “the most cutting edge machine learning platform to empower developers of the metaverse.”

Anything World, a platform that individuals can use to develop interactive 3D experiences using the power of Machine Learning has raised $7.5 million in its Series Seed Plus funding round, bringing its total funding to $9.3 million. 

The platform’s new funding comes after revealing the launch of its new high-fidelity animation system that enables rigging and animations for any 3D model at any time. While the system is being launched in stages, the first iteration is out now.

Gordon Midwood, CEO of Anything World said, “The capacity for anyone to create immersive and accessible experiences in virtual and 3D worlds has been expanded substantially by this funding round. We’re thrilled to expand further the tools and opportunities we can provide to developers, creatives and the general public. Because of the interest and need from developers who want to create 3D worlds, populate those worlds with assets, and immerse users in incredible experiences, Anything World will continue to be the go-to platform.”

The Anything World team. CEO Gordon Midwood [centre]

Now with added Unreal Engine

Anything World also announced that its innovative service is coming to Unreal Engine next month. These recent developments are also in line with its mission to decrease the barriers to creativity in 3D, giving everyone the power to create. 

Ron Levin, Partner at Alumni Ventures commented, “What we see in Anything World is the most cutting edge machine learning platform to empower developers of the metaverse. Backed up by a terrific team, we are confident that the company will set the standard in the years ahead for 3D creators of games, the future of work, and more.”

The platform’s Series Seed Plus round also represents the constant support of its status at the forefront of AI and 3D worlds as well as validation of its goals to liberate 3D content creation. 

Vishal Lugani, Founding Partner of Acrew Capital adds “Anything World is leveraging machine learning to tackle the problem of animation and rigging. Developers and designers of games, virtual worlds, and immersive experiences shouldn’t have to toil for hours and hours to bring their characters to life. Anything World speeds time to production for people building for the future of consumer digital experiences.”

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