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IBM’s new quantum processor delivers 433 qubits of raw power

The new processor is IBM’s most powerful yet

Technology corporation IBM has unveiled its new Osprey processor which can deliver 433 qubits of power and more qubits means more powerful processing.

The announcement took place at the IMB Quantum Summit 2022, the annual event serves as an opportunity to showcase the company’s quantum ecosystem. The new IBM Osprey 433-quantum bit processor now boasts the largest qubit count of any IBM processor that has come before and more than triples the IBM Eagle processor that was showcased last year.

According to IBM, this new processor has the potential to run complex quantum computations beyond the capabilities of any classical computer. This milestone marks the next step for IBM in the pursuit of improving the scale and capabilities of its quantum systems.

The long road to quantum computing

Senior vice president at IBM and director of research, Dr.Darío Gil commented on the new Osprey processor saying, “The new 433 qubits ‘Osprey’ processor brings us a step closer to the point where quantum computers will be used to tackle previously unsolvable problems. We are continuously scaling up and advancing our quantum technology across hardware, software, and classical integration to meet the biggest challenges of our time, in conjunction with our partners and clients worldwide. This work will prove foundational for the coming era of quantum-centric supercomputing”. 

Computer technology has advanced monumentally over the years, with each new iteration being more powerful than the last. Quantum computers, while being difficult to build, have the potential to solve complex problems at extreme speeds that classical computers may struggle to solve at all. However, currently, these Quantum computers are mostly prototypes and developers are still exploring the technological possibilities. 

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