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Bringing tattoos to the metaverse with new Web3 platform SWALLOW

The new platform will provide artists with a wider reach and hopes to enable more freedom of expression for metaverse users

A new Web3 company SWALLOW intends to bring tattoo art into the digital age. The company is being incubated by blockchain launchpad Enjinstarter and aims to grant users in metaverse spaces the ability to customise their avatars and accessories with tattoos and skins.

The company has seen the potential that Web3 can offer and hopes it will provide the ability to bring tattoo artists and enthusiasts together in a less fragmented way than what is currently possible through Web2. This will give metaverse users the ability to represent themselves in a more complex way through wearable art and tattoo artists will be able to find ways to expand outside of their physical studios and reach a wider audience.

SWALLOW aims to facilitate the evolution of the tattoo industry by giving talent a platform in which they can gain visibility and hone their craft in new digital spaces. The company hopes that due to its real-world experience it will be able to craft an authentic artistic experience that can tie directly into metaverses and games.

Bringing tattoo art into the metaverse

So far over 100 individual tattoo artists have signed on, including Aaron Della Vedova who is best known as being the tattoo artist for podcaster Joe Rogan. The company is launching with over 25 partnerships that span across the arts, entertainment, gaming, and tech sectors, with many of these being metaverse based. Some of these include collectible fashion metaverse for designers and buyers, Bloktopia, and the Polygon-backed AlterVerse.

SWALLOW’S co-founder and chief visionary officer, Alexander Dalitz commented on the new venture saying, “Self-expression shouldn’t stop as we move into a more digital world. “People need to be able to demonstrate who they are and what they love through the way they present themselves. Tattoo art has been a huge part of that for thousands of years, and will continue to be in the digital age and beyond”. 

Enjinstarter CEO and co-founder, Prakash Somosundram also spoke on the company’s launch, “We’re proud to be supporting SWALLOW and very excited for the projects they have in the works. What started as a conversation around their making use of our launchpad culminated in a beautifully harmonious incubation, but the relationship is just beginning. We predict that it will bear fruit far into the future”.

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