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Behaviour Interactive Partners And Titan Comics to Bring Dead by Daylight to Comic Books

Prepare to explore the world of The Legions

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive has partnered with Titan Comics to bring the game’s dark universe and gloomy horror to comic books.

The project is still in its early stages and is currently scheduled to release in March 2023. 

Dead by Daylight is the hit console, PC and mobile game described as ‘the world’s deadliest game of hide and seek’ where one player plays as the killer while four others play as survivors – chosen from an expanding cast of cleverly designed characters – try to avoid the killer’s attention…

It’s been a smash hit with high-scoring reviews across the board and tens of thousands of fans. Now the franchise is expanding into the physical world of the fan-pleasing comic book.

Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships for Behaviour Interactive commented, “Comic books hold a special place in my heart as with many people on the team. What an awesome time for Dead by Daylight, appearing in this format for the first time. The Legion is quite an interesting set of characters. They are great to dig into since they embody the very universal themes of teen angst, rage and revenge. Seeing our stories and characters coming to life on the page is a wonderful feeling and we hope our fans will appreciate it as much as we do. Stay tuned!”

In-depth with The Legions

Harvey Award winner Nadia Shammas will write while Dillon Snook with work on the art. The Dead by Daylight comic book will also introduce readers to the fan-favourite killers, The Legion. 

The story follows four troubled teenagers including high school dropout Frank, practical joker Joey, the shy and naive Susie and small-town girl Julie. Secrets of the The Legion will be revealed in the new fiction, including how they navigate the darkness within themselves and the world around them. 

The English version of Dead by Daylight comic book Issue #1 will become available in comic shops and digital devices in March 2023. 

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