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PUBG global championship teams and schedule announced

The event will mark the final PUBG esports tournament of the year

Krafton Inc has announced the teams competing in the PUBG global championship 2022. 32 teams from across the globe will be battling it out for their share of the $2 million prize pool.

The premier esports event will crown the overall champions of the 2022 PUBG esports season. The event will run from November 1st until the 20th as teams will compete in a weekly showdown for a chance at securing some prize money.

The event schedule details will run as such –

  • Group stage: Nov. 1-6

Each of the 32 teams are split up into two groups of 16 teams (A and B). Weekly group stage matches will take place to determine the winner and loser brackets. A total of 15 matches are to be played between each group across the three days. The top eight teams from each group will then be placed in a winners bracket and the bottom eight enter the losers bracket.

  • Winners bracket: Nov. 8-9

Following on from the group stage, the winners will then battle it out over the course of 10 matches throughout two full days. The top eight of the 16 teams will be rewarded with a direct spot in the sought-after grand final. The bottom eight teams from the winners bracket will be placed in the losers bracket for one final chance to reach the finals.

  • Losers bracket phase 1: Nov. 10-11

The first losers bracket phase consists of the bottom eight teams from both groups A and B competing over two days and 10 matches. The top eight teams from this round will advance to the losers bracket two. While the bottom seven teams move into the grand survival stage. The very bottom team of this phase will be eliminated.

  • Losers bracket phase 2: Nov 12-13

This final losers bracket will consist of the bottom eight teams from the winners bracket and the top eight teams from losers bracket one. Similar to the previous phase, teams will battle in 10 matches across two days. Only the top four teams will be granted seats in the final. The remaining 12 teams will all move onto the grand survival stage.

  • Grand survival: Nov 14

The grand survival is the very last chance for the remaining teams to make it as one of the squads to reach the final. This stage consists of 19 teams, 12 from losers bracket 2 and seven from losers bracket one. The three bottom teams from losers bracket one will be placed in a waiting queue. The grand survival stage will only grant four chances to progress to the final. Each match will see the winner advance while the remaining teams will be joined by the next in line.

  • Grand final: Nov 17-20

After the completion of the grand survival stage, the all-important final will take place. Here the best of the best will compete against one another until one team claims the PGC 2022 throne. The final itself will consist of twenty matches over four days. Whichever team comes out on the top of the rankings list will be crowned champions.

The event will be streamed across PUBG: Battlegrounds esports Twitch and Youtube channels. Live coverage will begin each day starting at 2 PM CET. Last year saw team NewHappy crowned as winners with team Heroic placing in second.

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