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The Park Playground Launches Wireless VR Experiences On HTC VIVE

Real world entertainment enabled on location through wireless use of the HTC VIVE Pro Focus 3 headset

HTC VIVE the virtual reality platform and The Park Playground, a corporate venture of Telenet and immersive VR experience provider, have announced the first fully wireless VR experience across The Park Playground’s venues in Europe.

Enabled by the HTC VIVE Pro Focus 3 headset, these mobile-led virtual reality experiences have so far seen over 74,000 test users. 

Fabian Nappenbach, Director of Product Marketing HTC VIVE EMEA stated, “The Park Playground has been an interesting partner for us since we first collaborated in 2018, because it attracts people of all ages with its exclusive VR adventures, not just gamers and tech enthusiasts. This allows us to make our products accessible to a wide audience and get their feedback. The partnership has also had a positive impact on our VR product development. Our research and development teams have a close relationship with companies like The Park Playground. Their input helps tremendously to drive the technology and also our LBE software.” 

The headset allows players to stream VR content directly to their mobile devices and allows them more freedom to immerse themselves in the VR environment. This also allows location-based entertainment (LBE) providers to create new unrestricted experiences. 

HTC VIVE makes the magic happen

“Industry-leading providers, such as HTC VIVE, enable exciting innovations in technology, gameplay, and storytelling and together, we’ve been able to offer even better VR experiences that drive customer satisfaction,” said Peter Vindevogel, CEO at The Park Playground. “As a result, we’ve substantially scaled the technology by rolling it out over 10 of our locations, allowing up to eight players per play area. Not only does this mark a significant step in our technology offering as we expand our footprint across the world, but it also signifies a new era for VR consumption as it becomes richer and easier than ever before.” 

Their long-standing partnership has seen both companies share unique insights into developing hardware and software products in the LBE space.   

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