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Sacem Launches Musicstart, A New Blockchain-based Service For Creating Proof Of Ownership

Users will be given certificates that can be used for legal disputes

Sacem, a platform that helps authors, composers and publishers to manage their copyright is launching Musicstart, a new service that’ll allow users to create an earlier proof of their work in minutes.

Once a user provides relevant information about their work, Musicstart will use blockchain technology to transmit the file into an anteriority certificate that’ll be linked to a forgery-proof fingerprint in the blockchain.

“Musicstart marks a new stage in Sacem’s quest to develop more and more value linked to the diffusion of music for the benefit of those who create it,” said Cécile Rap-Veber, CEO of Sacem, “Today, as new challenges arise with the emergence of uses such as NFTs and the metaverse, and as the challenges related to transparency and the traceability of works persist, Sacem is providing this new answer to the essential question of the protection of works, especially for creators who are starting their careers.”

In the case of a legal dispute of ownership, users can use the certificate issued by Musicstart to defend and claim ownership of their work.

Julien Dumon, Director of Development, Phono and Digital, and CEO of the URights subsidiary stated, “The launch of Musicstart marks a turning point for Sacem and a first step in the development of its URights subsidiary. Our ambition is to make this service accessible to as many people as possible, both in France and abroad, in particular through partnerships with key players in the music industry.”

Musicstart is available in two pricing options:

  • A one-off protection (per file) at €3.99.
  • A monthly subscription with unlimited protection at €4.99 per month (cancel any time).

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