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Metaverse-based VC firm LiquidX has Acquired Anime Metaverse

Venture capital firm buys up its very own metaverse

Anime Metaverse, a publishing and licensing company focused on building anime, manga and drama in Web3 has been acquired by LiquidX, a Web3 venture capital studio for the metaverse.

Kendrick Wong, Co-Founder and Chairman of LiquidX, said, “The acquisition of Anime Metaverse is significant for both LiquidX and the broader web3 industry, especially against the current economic climate. It is a conduit for anime into web3, providing the infrastructure for the entry and exploration of an ever-growing industry through its proprietary anime marketplace.”

“The metaverse is still in its infancy. LiquidX believes that merging the decentralised content creation model of web2 social media platforms with web3 virtual reality is key to the growth and mass adoption of a viable metaverse. In the coming months, we will be federating the most important anime intellectual property through our banner, facilitating their access to web3 and expanding their possibilities.” Wong added.

The acquisition gives LiquidX a 70% controlling stake in Anime Metaverse. The founders and all teams at Anime Metaverse will remain in their respective roles. However, the acquisition might cause LiquidX to tap into its company’s in-house resources which include a team of more than sixty Web3 creators, tokenomics experts, artists and game developers.

Keeping the community in mind

Lily Lim, Founder of Anime Metaverse said, “Community-building remains at the core of Anime Metaverse, and our members will continue to be our first point of contact when it comes to decision-making; from game design and mechanics, to new partnerships. LiquidX’s unique partnership model allows Anime Metaverse to retain the autonomy of a founder but access the resources of an established enterprise. The floor price of our first NFT collection is charting 25 percent higher than the mint price during launch three months ago, significantly outperforming peer groups and other large projects in the space.”

Anime Metaverse can also outsource some of its staff functions like HR, finance and legal to LiquidX, providing its existing employees with the opportunity to focus only on bringing their vision to life.

Rob Pereyda, who recently led Netlix’s anime division after leadership stints at Bandai Namco, Viz Media and Crunchyroll will join LiquidX’s advisory board and provide his deep knowledge and experience in both anime gaming and manga to Anime Metaverse.

The venture capital’s growing team of veterans also includes former executives from Blizzard Entertainment, Garena, Ubisoft, and more. The acquisition will allow LiquidX to acquire, invest and license Anime IP at scale. Both companies are in the process of closing a joint transaction in the anime IP property industry in order to grow the brand further.

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