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Bytes launches India’s First Virtual Banking Metaverse 

Transact and access banking information from the comfort of your home

If you’ve ever imagined being able to visit a bank branch or discuss investment plans with an advisor virtually, in the comfort of your home, then we’ve got great news for you., one of the most innovative digital solutions providers serving financial institutions and governments globally, has announced the launch of India’s first-ever Banking Metaverse called Kiyaverse. 

Kiyaverse will allow users transact, access banking information and avail various banking products from the comfort of their home. Pioneers use cases of merging real-world banking with Metaverse banking through an avatar (virtual humanoid) based interactions. MD and CEO Rajesh Mirjankar said, “While digital banking is functionally interdependent and inclusive, it is all too often seen as being emotionally detached. Metaverse allows banks to use cutting-edge technology with a human touch which will significantly deepen and personalize customer interaction. Kiyaverse offers meaningful applications in the Metaverse that apply to relevant business use cases in the real world.”

“It will enable banks to harness the potential of enhanced UX to bring out the best outcomes for data visualization and gamification of processes and procedures. Kiyaverse provides cross-functional multi-experience using personalized avatars across real world, mixed reality & virtual reality environments. Our product roadmap includes integration with CBDC and interoperability with other Metaverses to enable open finance in the Metaverse.”

All this and… “Robo-advisors”?

The first phase of the Kiyaverse will allow banks to extend their own Metaverse for clients, partners and employers by utilizing services that will include Relationship Manager & Peer Avatars and Robo-advisors. 

Kiyaverse also plans to have tokens as NFTs and support CBDC to enable open finance in a Web3.0 environment. The platform will interface its Open API connectors with Aggregators, and Gateways to enable a Super-App and Marketplace on the metaverse. With the introduction of Haptics enabled Headsets, Kiyaverse will provide a near real-world interaction using the internet of senses. 

With the Kiyaverse, customers can use their personalized avatars on digital banking units, laptops, mobiles, VR headsets as well as Mixed reality environments. 

The platform will bring banking services from the real world to the virtual world and vice-a versa, interacting with a relationship manager’s avatar creation and customisation, AI-based digital customer interaction, portfolio analysis, wealth management, co-lending, and corporate banking.

Kiyaverse provides up to 3-dimensional analysis of data for banks such as CMO Insights, Product Performance, Risk Analysis and Channel Analytics.

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