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Putting The Boot In: Timberland Create Design Studio In Fortnite

Boot brand puts its best foot forward into the metaverse

Timberland – the world famous footwear brand – is bringing boot innovation to the metaverse as it announces that it will virtually engage Fortnite players in product design as part of its new metaverse project. 

Its news release states that this will be a multi-faceted, multi-partner project aimed at engaging customers with an immersive multiverse experience that has not only promotional but commercial aspects as well. 

Centered on Timberland’s “Construct: 10061” program that serves as a workshop for innovative footwear designers, the program includes a virtual design lab and maker space that’s located on the Fortnite immersive gaming platform.

Putting the boot in

Built on Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine, the virtual lab is a re-creation of the brand’s real-world innovation lab and maker space which is designed to give consumers insight into its design process. 

According to Drieke Leenknegt, chief marketing officer for Timberland, “Timberland was built on a foundation of footwear innovation; our partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine allows us to explore new dimensions as we envision the future of bootmaking and boot culture. At the same time, we’re inviting consumers into the world of design innovation within an amazing Fortnite experience. The possibilities to connect in the metaverse are endless.”

The brand’s Fortnite environment also includes an immersive gaming experience called “Timberland Parkour Trails,” which takes place on a custom Fortnite island that features arctic, forest and desert settings. After paying a visit to the Design Lab, players can take on challenges and obstacles in each of these settings, allowing them to unlock special effects and obtaining virtual samples. Players can virtually design their own footwear too.

“Timberland has built a legacy around some of the most beloved products in footwear, in large part thanks to their innovative, forward-thinking mindset,” said Raffaella Camera, head of Brands at Unreal Engine, Epic Games. “Through the usage of Unreal Engine-based tools and virtual worlds, brand enthusiasts have the chance to engage with Timberland boots in ways not possible today, while designers are able to create and collaborate in completely new ways, with the help of real-time 3D technology. It’s exciting to imagine where we can take this together.”

Timberland Building its Metaverse Presence

Having launched TimbsTrails, an immersive 3D online experience that consists of six “chapters” taken from different parts of its history in February 2022, Timberland is no stranger to the metaverse or gamified customer experience. It continues to add new updates to the experience for each new season. 

TimbsTrails’ immersive experience allows users to move through a realistic 360-degree virtual environment on their computer or device screen, and interact with life-like digital characters. This experience also highlights a number of features products from the last 50 years. 

Based in Stratham, N.H., and a subsidiary of VF Corp., Timberland operates over 200 stores and allows users to virtually investigate the design details of a product and explain how they think the concept would function. 

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