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Sonic Central 2022: Sonic Games and Series Announcements 

Sega Announced game updates and more at the event

Sonic Central 2022, the second annual event celebrating the famous blue hedgehog, featured multiple announcements about upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog products, including games and even a television series.

Sega showed off a preview of the upcoming Netflix series, Sonic Prime, in which Sonic and friends attempt to prevent the destruction of a new multiverse. Sonic is hardly the only video game franchise joining a streaming service. Netflix is working on a Bioshock film, while HBO Max is creating a The Last of Us series. The animated series promises to touch on themes of self-discovery and redemption and will star Modern Sonic. As of now, the release date for Sonic Prime is unknown, but according to both Sega and Netflix, the series will be available soon. Additionally, the upcoming game Sonic Frontiers is getting an animated short film entitled Sonic Frontiers: Prologue, which will release before the game.

//H2 Sonic Game Announcements 

Sonic Central 2022 also saw the release of a new trailer for Sonic Origins. The game will include remastered versions of the first three Sonic games and Sonic CD and is set to launch on the 31st anniversary of the first game’s release, June 23, 2022. Roblox title, Sonic Speed Simulator, received new content for the Chemical Plant World on June 11.

Additionally, Sega announced it’s collaborating with Mediatonic to bring Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles and Tails costumes to the battle royale title, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, in August. Mobile titles Sonic Forces and Sonic Dash are also set to receive characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie this summer. Sonic Dash will also be adding achievement display banners.

Beyond film and games, Sega also announced new merchandise licensing deals. Neamedia is creating 90’s reminiscent statues of Tails and Amy Rose, while Moore Art is making silkscreen prints. Likewise, HYPE is developing sports gear for its Sonic the Hedgehog capsule collection.

Additionally,  Razer is producing a  Sonic Wireless Controller and Quick Charging stand, while G Fuel is bringing a “Knuckles-inspired” energy drink to consumers.

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