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Virtual Band Go On Metaverse Tour That Will Last Forever

Real world band create virtual version that will outlive all of us

Meet The Meta Daisies – a virtual band consisting of Healer on vocals, Viper on lead, Aviator on rhythm guitar, and Beatz on drums. But things go a little deeper than that…

The Meta Daisies are the virtual/metaverse spin-off of The Dead Daisies, a real world rock band, who are THEMSELVES a spin-off of the bands Dio, Whitesnake, Guns N’ Roses, Foreigner and more. 

Operating one of rock’s fastest-spinning revolving door policies, The Dead Daisies are a home to musicians drafted in to replace holes in the line-ups of legendary bands as tours and commitments (and health and wellbeing) come and go through the ages. While these band’s original line-ups have – in the most part – long since departed, the band’s brand, music and legacy lives on for their fans. And when they’re not recording or playing live with their famous bands, these highly-skilled and famous-in-their-own-right musicians coagulate to form The Dead Daisies – a multi-headed monster supergroup drawing in fans from all of their component parts.

Thus the precise line up of The Dead Daisies is ever evolving with rock fans famously ambivalent as to who – exactly – is on lead guitar, drums or even vocals at any given moment, just so long as they get to see the band and buy the T-shirt with the dates on the back.

Rock rolls on and on

Now The Dead Daisies have taken their split personality to the next level, introducing The Meta Daisies, a metaverse band with their own identities (ie, MORE band members to keep track of, this time virtual) playing the band’s songs and promoting The Dead Daisies real world music via the metaverse. Or should we say, metaverses as – you guessed it – The Meta Daisies have just gone on tour…

Starting in Avakin Life you can attend The Meta Daisies ‘listening party’ right now, until June 16th. And with 220million downloads and daily active users of 1.3million, we’d hazard a guess that it’s potentially the biggest gig the band have ever played. 

Here’s the virtual video for their real-world new single Radiance, featuring the band’s ‘guardian’ Daisy, which was put together by creative tech company Altergaze.

After their residency in Avakin Life the band will be moving on to metaverses as yet unannounced on a tour that – potentially – won’t stop. Ever… Given the virtual nature of The Meta Daisies this is one band who won’t be splitting up due to musical differences, arguing over money, taking time off in rehab, or – heaven forbid – dying. (Though we do wonder what’s happened to their bass player…)

David Edwards, Manager of The Dead Daisies AND The Meta Daisies says “We want The Meta Daisies to be the face of rock and roll in the metaverse, and teaming up with Avakin Life is the first step in the journey to make this possible! Seeing avatars hanging out in Daisy’s club, and watching them engage with this kind of music is going to be incredible. Bringing a younger generation of fans into Daisyland to appreciate rock music is so important, and that’s one of the things we truly hope to do with this listening party opening the doors!”

And in a further treat for their web of fans, The Meta Daisies have teamed up with to offer the band’s own line of NFTs which unlock exclusive items, including “perks and merch”.

It seems that – thanks to the metaverse – rock and roll will indeed live forever. 

Visit the band’s official page for more. 

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