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Minecraft Players Can Now Enjoy Angry Birds in a DLC Expansion

Now Minecraft players can experience Angry Birds in whole new ways.

One of the most popular mobile games, Angry Birds which first released 10 years ago is back as a new expansion in Minecraft.

As majority of players are focused on the upcoming Minecraft 1.19 update, nothing huge was expected for the meantime. However, the team behind Minecraft has gifted the fans with this exciting Angry Birds crossover. And for players who have played Angry Birds in the past, this is nothing like anything you’ve played before. 

So in this Angry Birds DLC for Minecraft, the core concept of the game remains the same. The pigs have stolen the eggs you have to get them back by destroying the structures that have been built around them. Unlike the regular Angry Birds gameplay style, this DLC gives us a unique first-person experience. 

You can now fling birds at pigs as usual, but you get to it in blocky 3D fashion. Also there’s a new story mode that allows you to play the game like a classic Minecraft map or even a full-on version of the classic Angry Birds gameplay, but as Minecraft.

This expansion was created by Oreville Studios, who are known for developing dedicated building content on the Minecraft Marketplace platform. Take a look at how the gameplay works here.

While the DLC is totally free, adding some Angry Birds to your Minecraft will cost you 1340 Minecoins. If you don’t have that many, you can purchase a pack of 1720 Minecoins for £8 via the Minecraft Marketplace for the game’s bedrock platforms. 

Although the Angry Birds’ franchise may not be as popular as it used to, but there’s no doubt it’ll always be an exciting game to play on any platform. And with this new DLC expansion in Minecraft, players can experience the game in a whole new way. 

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