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Highrise: A Mobile Metaverse Making NFTs Mainstream

The mobile metaverse that allows you earn money in a digital space

The metaverse continues to grow and expand across countless platforms and here’s something tailor made for casual mobile users. Highrise, a digital nation that started out as a simple social game in 2014 has now garnered more than a million monthly users and has become one of the largest digital nations on the internet. 

Highrise allows players to live, play, earn money and thrive in a vibrant online world. And since most people prefer a digital nation that allows them earn money by spending time in a digital space, Highrise introduced major initiatives last year to give the most value to its citizens: the ability to cash out and blockchain.

There’s also the Highrise Creature Club (HCC) which is the company’s first Non-fungible token collection of Highrise avatars in the style of Creatures. Each creature comes with their own set of items that can be worn when they’re inside the virtual space. 

How to Play Highrise

Highrise is more than a real-life simulator. It’s an immersive digital space that can fit into your pocket and take with you anywhere. It allows you take gaming and social activities to a whole new level with immersive multiplayer functionality and metaverse features. 

Players can assume the role of more than 40,000 NFT avatars or create their own and interact with NFT walls, floors, furnitures and other in-game assets that can also be resold and traded with other Highrise citizens. You can take a walk, chat with people, construct houses, decorate your room and even take part in various online events and build new relationships with virtual characters.  

The Highrise app has an exponential growth since 2020 by reaching $30 million in revenue and sees more than $100,000 collectibles being traded daily with the ability to cash out. Highrise also allows its citizens to keep majority of the money that flows within its space. 

Highrise World

And in the forthcoming months, the company, Pocket Worlds will be rolling out Highrise World. Built on Ethereum, it’ll bring true digital ownership to Highrise citizens by selling LAND, launching a marketplace, releasing a new 3D game engine and dropping creator tools. 

Currently, Highrise World is positioning itself as the Web3 Roblox; a Decentraland/Sandbox with true user engagement. More impressively, more than 70% of its 2 million plus monthly users are female. 

There’s always room for new players in Highrise and while the metaverse is yet to be perfected, it has been nicknamed the future of the internet. 

NFT/Blockchain games like Highrise that use mainstream/casual gaming is a growth area and will play a part in expanding the use of such currencies to more people.

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Isa Muhammad is a writer and video game journalist covering many aspects of entertainment media including the film industry. He's steadily writing his way to the sharp end of journalism and enjoys staying informed. If he's not reading, playing video games or catching up on his favourite TV series, then he's probably writing about them.

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