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The Dead Daisies to Enter the Metaverse through YAHAHA

Australian-American Supergroup fully embracing nascent tech to engage with fans

YAHAHA and Altergaze, in partnership with Spitfire Music – the management of rock group The Dead Daisies – have announced that they’ll be working together to elevate rock music by bringing it into the metaverse.

By storming the metaverse and immortalising both the band and the music, The Dead Daisies aim to shake up the new frontiers of virtual entertainment and create a new layer of interaction with their fans around the world. Their plan is that it’ll allow them to be more engaged, showcase their creativity and socialize together in the Daisyland 3D virtual world.

Patty Toledo, Director of Developer Relations for YAHAHA, said, “We’re thrilled to welcome The Dead Daisies to YAHAHA – they’re absolute rock superstars! This is a band that is made up of musical legends, they have a real vision that has fans at its heart, and they are leading the way in bringing music to our 3D social platform. YAHAHA will be happy to provide their fans the tools to create virtual experiences and come together; the opportunities are endless. We have lots of exciting plans in the works for later this year – we can’t wait to show you!”

Spitfire Music are solely committed to making rock music easily accessible to millions of its fans and it sees the highly talked-about metaverse as the next significant frontier for creating live connections in real time and any time.

By collaborating with key players to be the first to bring rock in the metaverse, these experts aim to build a world unlike any other, where their fans will enjoy rich entertainment experiences and at the same time interact with The Dead Daisies in new and fun ways.

David Edwards, the band’s manager stated, “The Dead Daisies management are known worldwide as innovators and pioneers, and we pride ourselves on creating unique experiences to connect with our fans. The metaverse presents a unique opportunity to lead the way in a new world of entertainment; cutting edge technology will bring fans of the band right into Daisyland. Not only that, it’s an amazing way for fans of the band to experience The Dead Daisies like never before. Partnering with YAHAHA, Altergaze and Dimoso is only the first step, we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store.”

However, this is not the first time The Dead Daisies have been in a virtual world. In 2021, the band launched Daisy’s Revenge, a mobile sharp shooting game that’s set in a carnival underworld with the bands’ music and heroine Daisy Van Horne. There are also talks about major players working to create Daisyland, the TV series.

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