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UK property portal MoveStreets joins the metaverse on The Sandbox

An optimistic view of the metaverse’s place in the future relationship between the community and brands

While making its mark in the world of real estate, MoveStreets has courted a younger, more digitally-minded generation through its mobile-based property portal since August 2021. Now, it has been announced that it has joined the metaverse world of The Sandbox this week.

MoveStreets has a very optimistic view of The Sandbox and the metaverse’s place in the future relationship between the community and brands when it comes to the metaverse.

Targetting a more technically literate generation of the market, the move makes a great deal of sense to CEO and Co-Founder of MoveStreets, Adam Kamani who said, “We believe the metaverse will be the next step in this user journey, and so we made the decision to set up shop in The Sandbox to plan for the future and further our consumer offering. While it is still very early days, we’re very excited about the possibilities we’ll be able to provide The Sandbox users…”

The user 007C60 owns the plot of land itself and according to its account, it includes two patches of land, costing over $48,000 (or 15 ETH).

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