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SuperWorld partners with BrasilNFT to provide metaverse applications

Rio Innovation Week

SuperWorld, the virtual world platform, has teamed up with BrasilNFT to provide people with metaverse applications for the upcoming Rio Innovation Week, the largest technology and innovation event in Latin America.

Using AR (Augmented Reality), SuperWorld will enhance the conference experience for both sponsors and attendees. This will be achieved by implementing a location-based display or by anchoring digital images throughout the Jockey Club Brasileiro, where the conference is scheduled to be held from January 13th-16th, 2022.

Included in the AR exhibit will be NFTs from the storied Brazilian sports club, Club de Ragatas Vasco da Gama, popular for its legendary soccer team Vasco da Gama, who boast more than 24 million supporters across the globe.

SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO Hrish Lotlika said, “I’m thrilled to be working with BrasilNFT and Vasco, and honored for the opportunity to bring SuperWorld to a Brazilian audience. We look forward to working with select partners from around the world, and our AR activation during Rio Innovation Week is a great introduction into the region”

While the event is underway, SuperWorld will also showcase digital AR images that signify its partnership with BrasilNFT, who plan on cultivating, promoting and showcasing fine art using NFT format, to ensure creators, communities and artists are well educated and informed about the NFT market and digital assets.

Manoella Rangel, BrasilNFT Co-founder and Head of Business Development and Institutional Affairs stated, “We are very excited to have Superworld partnering with us on the Vasco project and also other projects to come! We are very optimistic that the AR NFT art gallery – the first one of this kind in South America – will be a hit at Rio Innovation Week and the Boma Brazil space.

“This exhibition is a great way to engage people, innovate in branding and showcase a little of so much that we can do with these amazing technologies. And if we can add art and soccer to that, it really is the perfect scenario!”

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