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Mogura to hold webinar in English introducing unique trends in the Japanese metaverse industry

Japan’s largest VR/AR news organisation invites industry leaders to discuss the rising metaverse trend in the country

Mogura will hold an English language online webinar to present the latest trends and initiatives in the Japanese VR and metaverse industries. The webinar, the first in a series titled XR Kaigi mini, will be held on Friday, December 3rd from 5pm PST.

Since 2019, Mogura has hosted Japan’s largest annual VR/AR conference, XR Kaigi. (Kaigi is Japanese for ‘conference’.) As its spin-off event, XR Kaigi mini will be a regularly-held webinar series to introduce the latest happenings of Japan’s VR/AR and metaverse fields to those outside of the country. 

Each webinar will have a theme, with businesses standing at the forefront of the Japanese industry invited to speak. Companies will share case studies and expertise to provide VR/AR professionals around the world with valuable insight and knowledge on business in the region.

Japan quirks

The first XRKaigi mini-event will detail the unique happenings and trends in Japan’s social VR and metaverse space. Speakers from leading companies in the country’s metaverse industry will each discuss their team’s respective projects.

Six companies will present: Cluster, the platform behind the Virtual Shibuya and Pokemon Virtual Fest events; HIKKY, known for its Virtual Market conventions and its recent funding round of 6.5 billion yen (approx $57M); Ambr, responsible for the creation of Tokyo Game Show VR; MonoAI, which holds exhibitions in a virtualized representation of an actual stadium; Sony Music Entertainment, which created virtual worlds for the anime series Sword Art Online and Devilman; and VirtualCast, whose VR platform and avatar systems are being used for school education on a daily basis.

You can view the live stream here.

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